China-N.Korea trade posts 3rd straight month-on-month rise

The value of trade between China and North Korea posted a third straight month-on-month increase in August.

Statistics released by Chinese customs authorities on Sunday show last month's trade between the two countries was worth about 90.3 million dollars.

The figure is more than triple what it was for August last year. But it is only around 40 percent of the number recorded three years earlier before the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Last month, Pyongyang declared victory over the virus.

But the operation of cargo trains between North Korea and its major trade partner, China, has been suspended since April this year.

This apparently has been affecting the North's economy, as procuring goods from China has become more difficult.

On Sunday, an empty container displaying the name of a location in North Korea was spotted at a train station in the Chinese border city of Dandong.

A building on the North Korean side of the border bore a slogan calling for economic self-reliance.