Ukraine accuses Russia of launching more attacks on civilian infrastructure

Ukraine has accused Russian forces of repeatedly attacking civilian infrastructure facilities and inflicting casualties on Ukrainian civilians.

The Ukrainian military said on Sunday that the infrastructure of more than 30 settlements had been damaged by Russian missile attacks over the past 24 hours.

Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko of the Donetsk region in Ukraine's east posted on social media that a total of seven civilians had been killed in Russia's shelling.

Governor Valentyn Reznichenko in the eastern region of Dnipropetrovsk said Russian attacks had taken the lives of two people, and had damaged gas pipelines and power lines.

The British defense ministry said on Sunday that Russia had likely extended its targets "in an attempt to directly undermine the morale of the Ukrainian people and government."

The Ukrainian military is intensifying its counteroffensive in the east and south.

Ukrainian forces say they have liberated almost all areas of the eastern region of Kharkiv from Russian control. They are believed to be advancing toward the Donbas region in the east.

The US Institute for the Study of War stated on Saturday that Ukrainian forces could encircle Russian troops stationed around Lyman, a key stronghold in the Donetsk region.