One dead in Taiwan earthquake

Authorities in Taiwan say one person died and 142 others were injured in Sunday's earthquake.

The Central Weather Bureau says a magnitude 6.8 quake struck eastern Taiwan on Sunday afternoon and strong tremors were observed in Taitung County and nearby Hualien County.

The authorities said that a man died after being crushed in a cement factory in Hualien County.

A three-story building housing a convenience store collapsed in Hualien, trapping and injuring four people, who were later rescued.

The quake also forced part of a train to derail. About 21,000 households across Taiwan reportedly suffered blackouts.

Eastern Taiwan has been struck by a series of quakes since a magnitude 6.4 tremor hit the region on Saturday night.

Taiwanese authorities are calling on people to remain on the alert, saying jolts of magnitude 5 or larger could occur over the next one week or so.