Typhoon bringing heavy rain to southwestern Japan, emergency warnings in place

Japanese weather officials have issued a heavy rain emergency warning for parts of Miyazaki Prefecture, southwestern Japan, as Typhoon Nanmadol approaches. An emergency warning for violent winds, high waves and storm surges is also in place in Kagoshima Prefecture. Officials warn that the storm could trigger major disasters, and are calling on people to take the utmost caution.

Torrential rain and violent winds are hitting wide areas across the Kyushu region.

Japan Meteorological Agency officials say Typhoon Nanmadol is moving north, and could make landfall in Kagoshima Prefecture on Sunday evening.

Officials have confirmed bands of heavy rain clouds in Miyazaki Prefecture that cause torrential rain to fall in the same place.

They are calling on people to check their surroundings and do whatever is necessary to protect their lives. People are advised to move to sturdy buildings nearby. If it is dangerous to go outside, they should move to the second floor or higher. Those in rooms facing a cliff or slope should move to the other side of the building.

Shikoku could get as much as 500 millimeters of rain in the 24-hour period through Monday evening, and up to 400 millimeters in parts of Kyushu.

The agency also warns that rain and winds could intensify even in areas far from the typhoon.

Heavy precipitation is expected in western and some parts of eastern Japan through Monday.