Putin reaffirms goal of taking more Ukraine territory

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stressed that the country's military will steadily press ahead to seize more territory, despite a recent counteroffensive by Ukrainian troops.

Putin was speaking to reporters on Friday in Uzbekistan, where he was attending a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

He noted that Ukraine was staging counterattacks, but said, "Our offensive operation in the Donbas is not stopping." He added that Russian forces are "moving forward -- not at a very fast pace -- but they are gradually taking more and more territory."

Putin said Ukrainians had tried to carry out "terrorist acts" inside Russia. He warned that "if the situation continues to develop in this way, the answer will be more serious."

The British defense ministry said in its Saturday's intelligence update that Russia will likely attempt a "stubborn" defense to maintain control of the Donbas region. But it said "it is unclear whether Russia's frontline forces have sufficient reserves or adequate morale."