Southwestern Japan braces for typhoon Nanmadol

People across southwestern Japan are bracing for a typhoon with enormous destructive power.

The Meteorological Agency has advised taking maximum precautions before Nanmadol hits.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said it is considering declaring the highest level of emergency alert in southern and northern Kyushu.

Nanmadol brushed the Daitojima region of Okinawa Prefecture as it continues to move slowly northwest toward Japan's south. It is expected to come very near the Amami Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture and the southwestern main island of Kyushu on Sunday through Monday.

Officials say gusts of up to 198 kilometers per hour will lash the region through Sunday. Southern Kyushu could get as much as 500 millimeters of rain in the 24-hour period through Sunday afternoon.

The storm is already causing disruptions. One supermarket on Amami Oshima is running short of stock after authorities suspended a ferry service to the island.

Communities are rushing to get ready for the oncoming storm. Farmers in Miyazaki Prefecture have been busy securing their greenhouses.

The typhoon is forecast to change directions and head northeast across the main island of Honshu as it makes its way to eastern and northern Japan through Tuesday.

Winds may intensify even away from the typhoon's center.

The Meteorological Agency is calling on people to be on the highest alert.