Japan to dig up tanks on Peleliu in search of war dead

Japanese authorities are ramping up their search for the remains of soldiers who died during World War Two. On Sunday, they'll start excavating a tank on the Pacific island of Peleliu.

The island witnessed a fierce battle between US forces and the now-defunct Imperial Japanese Army in 1944.

The death toll on the Japan side topped 10,000. The government has already collected the remains of about 7,800 troops.

The health ministry has commissioned the work to the Japan Association for Recovery and Repatriation of War Casualties.

Officials obtained permission from the Palau government after asking for approval in 2020.

They say buried vehicles from a 130-member tank unit are highly likely to contain more remains.

The government has been searching for the remains of Japanese people who died in World War Two since 1952. More than 1.1 million are still missing.