Renowned Japanese ballerina pays tribute to Queen

World-renowned Japanese ballerina Morishita Yoko has performed a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

The 73-year-old danced with about 30 members of her company on Friday in Tokyo. Afterward, she said, "The queen was such a great figure who gave courage and hope to people around the world."

In 1977, Morishita performed "Don Quixote" in front of the queen during the monarch's Silver Jubilee in London.

Photographs in the rehearsal hall of Morishita's company show the queen watching the performance. Another shows them talking.

Morishita says the queen praised the performance and expressed her gratitude. She described the experience as a great honor, and said she remembers the queen as someone who always hoped for the happiness of others.

A flag at the entrance of Morishita's company was hung at half-mast following the news about the queen's death.