Panel reviews measures during Japan's deadliest COVID wave

The Japanese government's coronavirus advisory panel has reviewed measures taken during the country's seventh wave of infection. It pointed out a lack of sufficient communications by the government.

The panel members met on Friday for the first time in about two months. They exchanged opinions on the measures taken to address Japan's biggest wave of infection to date, which saw record-high daily death counts.

Some experts said it was unclear what the government meant when it said it would not restrict people's movements, despite calling for strict voluntary measures at the same time. They said the government should have given a better explanation.

Some members called on the government to draw up a road map that shows the required conditions and steps that must be taken in order for COVID-19 to be categorized as an ordinary disease.

The panel plans to discuss the anti-infection measures and state of medical systems that are needed to prepare for a possible simultaneous outbreak of seasonal influenza and COVID in the autumn or later.