JR Kyushu unveils new sightseeing train

A railway operator on Japan's southwestern island of Kyushu has unveiled a new sightseeing train.

Kyushu Railway calls the train service "Futatsuboshi 4047." Futatsuboshi means "two stars" in Japanese. The company says it's a reference to the attractiveness of the prefectures of Saga and Nagasaki that the train will travel through. The service starts next Friday to coincide with the launch of a new bullet-train line in western Kyushu.

The train features pearl-colored carriages that are adorned with gold stripes and images of two stars.

The first and third carriages of the three-car train will be for reserved seats.

The middle car will have sofas and a counter where passengers can enjoy meals while watching the scenery go by.

JR Kyushu President Furumiya Yoji says the company would like people using the train "to enjoy the local food, hot springs and all sort of things."

The service will run once a day on two routes from Friday through Monday.