Japan govt. ordered to pay damages over death of detained Cameroon man

A Japanese court has ordered the government to pay damages over the death of a Cameroonian man in 2014 while he was detained at an immigration center in Ibaraki Prefecture.

The Mito District Court handed down the ruling on Friday.
Presiding Judge Abe Masahiko ordered the government to pay damages worth 1.65 million yen, or about 11,500 dollars, to the plaintiff.

The 43-year-old man died at the Higashi-Nihon Immigration Center in Ushiku City, north of Tokyo, in March 2014.

His mother sued the Japanese government for its failure to give him the necessary medical treatment even though he had asked for help. She demanded compensation worth 10 million yen, or about 70,000 dollars.

The government had called for the dismissal of the case, claiming that it was difficult for the detention center staff to judge whether to take the man to hospital, as they lacked the necessary expertise.