Japan may further ease coronavirus border controls in Oct.

Japan's government is preparing to further ease its coronavirus border controls as early as next month.

The government loosened anti-infection border controls on September 7, raising the ceiling for entrants to 50,000 per day from 20,000. It also allowed all inbound tourists to take package tours without guides.

The government is now planning on further relaxation as new coronavirus infections have been declining in Japan. It also expects the falling value of the yen to help lure more foreign tourists.

The government is moving to scrap the daily limit on arrivals and allow overseas tourists to travel independently in Japan.

It is also preparing to resume a short-term visa exemption for visitors from about 70 countries and territories if they stay in Japan for 90 days or less.

The government is expected to decide when to implement the additional easing steps after studying the infection situation and other factors.