Ukrainians boast of 'turning point' in war

Ukrainian troops have pushed back Russian forces and retaken control of cities they had previously lost. They have recaptured more territory in a matter of days than the Russians had captured in months. Their leaders say the war has reached a "turning point."

On Wednesday, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited the eastern city of Izyum. Thousands of Russian troops fled the area over the weekend, leaving behind tanks and other equipment.

Zelenskyy says much of the Kharkiv region has been liberated. He says Ukrainians know the "truth is on their side."

Zelenskyy also met with troops in Balakliya, a town that forces have recaptured. He handed out awards and told the soldiers that they are "heroes."

White House officials agree that the Ukrainians have a "sense of momentum." Still, they are cautious. They say it is unknowable whether the war has truly reached a turning point.

President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that, although the Ukrainians have made significant progress, he believes the fighting will continue for a long time.

US officials have been keeping their eye on Russian forces in southern Ukraine. They say those troops still have an "awful lot of military capacity."