Komeito leader Yamaguchi wins 8th term

The leader of Komeito, the junior partner of Japan's ruling coalition, has been reelected without a vote for an eighth term.

Komeito held its leadership election on Thursday.
The incumbent, Yamaguchi Natsuo, was elected again without a contest after no other candidates came forward.

Yamaguchi, who is 70 years old, has led Komeito for 13 years. Some members think the party needs a new leader. But support for Yamaguchi has been increasing as the party gears up for unified local elections in the spring of 2023.

Komeito members say they want an experienced leader as it is set to hold discussions with the Liberal Democratic Party on how to revise the national security strategy and other policies.

Yamaguchi will be officially elected at a party convention on September 25 to lead the party for two more years.