Military expert: Ukrainian counteroffensive will likely slow down

A Ukrainian military expert says the ongoing counteroffensive by his country's troops will likely slow down as Russian forces are pushed further east.

Oleksandr Musiienko was speaking in an interview with NHK in Ukraine's capital Kyiv on Wednesday.

Musiienko said the Ukrainian counteroffensive caused the Russians to lose the chance to take control of the Donbas region.

He also said that as they move further east, the Russians will have better logistic lines from Russia, adding his country's counteroffensive will not be as fast as it has been since last week.

Asked about the Russian forces' next move, Musiienko said after retreating from Kharkiv, their main objective will be to stay as long as they can before winter.

He said the Russians think that as winter comes, they will have an opportunity to blackmail Western countries with energy and fuel.

Musiienko suggested that by prolonging the fight, the Russians are waiting for "donor fatigue" on the part of the West.