Signs of torture in newly liberated village in Ukraine

Authorities in Ukraine are once again looking into possible war crimes in areas once occupied by Russian troops. Prosecutors say four dead civilians in the east show signs of torture.

The bodies were found on Sunday in Zaliznychne, a liberated village in Kharkiv. Three were buried in residential areas. The other, at a factory. Local residents point the finger at Russian forces.

The deaths came to light after a sweeping Ukrainian counteroffensive.

A senior US military official believes Russian troops have lost most of the ground they had in Kharkiv after retreating to the north, east -- and back over the border.

British defense officials suggest Russian troops withdrew because they were ill-prepared to cope with a counteroffensive.

And a similar scenario could be playing out in neighboring Luhansk. On Monday, the region's governor said Ukraine is reclaiming lost territory -- right down to the last centimeter.