Honda to launch at least 10 electric motorcycles by 2025

Honda Motor says it will press ahead with electrification of motorcycles as part of its effort to achieve carbon neutrality.

The world's largest motorcycle manufacturer announced on Tuesday it plans to roll out 10 or more electric models globally by 2025.

Takeuchi Kohei, Executive Vice President of Honda Motor, said, "Motorbikes present different types of problems in pursuing carbon neutrality from four-wheeled vehicles. But we will promote electrification to maintain our position as a top manufacturer."

The company said it is aiming for annual sales of one million electric bikes within five years, rising to 3.5 million by 2030. It predicts that would be the equivalent of 15 percent of its total sales.

Honda says it wants to achieve carbon neutrality for all of its motorcycles during the 2040s by shifting to electric motors and engines that run on ethanol derived from plants.

Honda's move is expected to accelerate the shift to electric bikes.

Japanese competitor Kawasaki Motors is already planning that most of its new models in developed-country markets will be fully electric or hybrid by 2035. Yamaha Motor says it wants 90 percent of its bikes to be electric by 2050.