Poll: 55% say Japan should be cautious about strengthening ties with China

More than half of the Japanese people who responded to an NHK survey said that Japan should be cautious when it comes to strengthening ties with China.

The survey was conducted from Friday through Sunday. NHK randomly telephoned 2,392 citizens aged 18 or older, and 1,255 people answered the calls.

Japan and China will mark the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties on September 29.

But tensions in the Taiwan Strait have strained relations.

When asked about the future of the bilateral relationship, 11 percent of the respondents said Tokyo should strengthen ties with Beijing, while 55 percent said Japan should be cautious. Twenty-eight percent either did not answer or said that they did not have an opinion.

Japan's Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa says that he intends to try to improve relations between Japan and China.

In a video message released on Monday, he said that building constructive and stable bilateral ties is a mission that he has taken over from his predecessors.