Russia says it will continue fighting despite apparent setbacks in Kharkiv

Russia has reiterated its resolve to continue the military operation in Ukraine despite recent setbacks in the eastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that the military operation will continue until all goals are achieved.

Ukrainian counteroffensives are apparently pushing Russian troops out of Kharkiv.

The Institute for the Study of War in the United States says that most of the Kharkiv region is now under Ukrainian control.

It also says Ukrainians have retaken control of the city of Izyum, which is a strategic point in Kharkiv for Russia's supply routes to the frontlines.

The Russian defense ministry announced earlier that its troops would be regrouped from Izyum. The move is widely seen as an announcement to withdraw from the city.

A senior member of a pro-Russian separatist group in Kharkiv told state-run Russian TV that the size of the Ukrainian forces in the region is eight times larger than the Russians. The person said about 5,000 civilians have crossed into Russian territory.

Sources close to Russia's presidential office say President Vladimir Putin will likely convene a meeting of his National Security Council to discuss the war situation before he leaves for Uzbekistan.

Putin is expected to attend the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization that will begin on Thursday in the Central Asian country.