Okinawa gov.: Reelection shows unchanged opposition to US base relocation plan

Reelected Okinawa Governor Tamaki Denny says the results of Sunday's gubernatorial election demonstrate the will of the people of Okinawa to oppose the relocation of a US base within the prefecture.

Tamaki was speaking to reporters on Monday a day after securing a second term as Okinawa governor.

During the campaign, he voiced his opposition to the government's plan to move the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station from Ginowan City to the less populated Henoko district of Nago City.

Tamaki said the people of Okinawa reelected him as a way to express their opposition to the plan. He indicated that he will visit Tokyo to again urge the government to give up the plan.

Tamaki also said Okinawa should continue seeking a dialogue with the government to settle the issue. But he also stressed the importance of making other moves, such as possible talks with the international community.