Blinken visits Ukraine at 'pivotal moment'

Ukrainian leaders have seen their forces mount counteroffensives and recapture territory they feared they had lost. They staged the attacks with the help of weapons from the West. And now, they are about to get more.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy welcomed the US secretary of state to Kyiv on Thursday. Antony Blinken believes the war could be at a turning point.

Blinken said, "We know this is a pivotal moment. More than six months into Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine as your counteroffensive is now under way and proving effective."

Blinken announced a military package worth 2.8 billion dollars for Ukraine and 18 other countries at risk of Russian aggression.
Officials from the Pentagon and their allies gathered at an air force base in Germany to coordinate the flow of aid. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the face of the war is changing but vowed they will work together "for the long haul."