People in Japan cherish ties with the Queen

Here in Japan, people are paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth. Many are remembering her sole visit to the country, back in 1975.

Large crowds gathered to welcome the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip. It happened 30 years after the end of World War Two, a conflict that saw Britain and Japan fighting as enemies.

Queen Elizabeth called on the two countries to come together, for the welfare of their own people, as well as for the global community.

The visit was a chance for a cultural exchange for the British monarch. She took in martial arts competitions and Kabuki theater.

She even enjoyed a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto.

Sen Genshitsu, the former grand master of Urasenke tea school, served the Queen.

Sen recalls that Queen Elizabeth "was a truly wonderful person." He said, "she governed her country as a queen with great tolerance and leadership."

Memories of Queen Elizabeth's visit also live on at Tokyo Kaikan.

The banquet hall hosted a welcome luncheon for the monarch - 47 years ago.

It still offers the beef and foie gras pie dish that was served for her.

Tokyo Kaikan's current president, Watanabe Noriaki, says he's heard countless stories about the Queen's visit from older staff members who were there.

The president also says the staff at the time must have welcomed her with great pride.

He adds that "I wish she could have had the chance to come here to enjoy our dishes again."