University American football club suspends activity after 4 members arrested

An American football club at Doshisha University in Kyoto has suspended its activity indefinitely after four of its members were arrested on suspicion of sexual assault.

The students are accused of sexually assaulting in May a female university student who was highly intoxicated and unable to resist.

The four men, all in their fourth year at the university, were sent to prosecutors on Friday after being arrested by police on the previous day.

The club announced on Friday that it decided not to participate in the first division of the Kansai Collegiate American Football League competition that kicked off this month.

The club also announced the indefinite suspension of its activity.

Manager Komiya Hiroaki said the team is taking the matter very seriously and willing to cooperate with investigators.

Police have not revealed whether the four have admitted to the allegations.

Informed sources say some of the suspects told police that there might have been a perception gap between them and the woman.