Leaders of 8 nations agree to work together to deal with situation in Ukraine

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio, US President Joe Biden and leaders of some other countries have reaffirmed that they will work together to respond to the situation in Ukraine.

A video conference was held late on Thursday night, Japan time, at Biden's urging. The meeting lasted for around one hour. The leaders of eight countries took part. The heads of some of the Group of Seven member states were among them. But France's president did not participate.

The leaders exchanged views on the situation in Ukraine. They agreed to continue to support Ukraine and maintain robust sanctions against Russia.

They also agreed that their countries should work closely together to ensure stable supplies of energy and food.

Kishida talked about Russia's recent moves in the Indo-Pacific region. He stressed that it is important to reach out to the countries that have taken a neutral position.

The Japanese prime minister mentioned the Eighth Tokyo International Conference on African Development. The conference was held in Tunisia last month. Kishida said the representatives of the participating nations shared their concerns about Russia's military aggression.

Kishida also mentioned that Japan is going to chair the G7 meetings next year. He said he is determined to try to bolster unity among the G7 members and their partner countries, so that the situation in Ukraine can be dealt with.