Queen Elizabeth dies at 96

Britons are mourning a monarch who, for most, is the only one they have ever known. Queen Elizabeth took the throne as a young woman and ended up reigning longer than any of her predecessors. Officials at Buckingham Palace say she has died.

The Queen has had problems getting around for months. But in recent days, her doctors had grown increasingly concerned about her health. So members of the royal family rushed to join her at her estate in Scotland.

Prince Charles, his wife Camilla, and Prince William were among those who headed to Balmoral Castle.

Earlier this week, Queen Elizabeth took part in a rite of passage she has taken part in for decades. She met with new prime minister Liz Truss for the transfer of power.

But she was forced to cancel an online meeting Wednesday with members of the Privy Council, the body that advises her.

The Queen's health had forced her to cancel many public appearances. She largely retreated to Windsor Castle, her residence outside London.

But she kept to her summer routine of returning to Balmoral -- one of her favorite places. Queen Elizabeth died there. She was 96.