Truss promises energy relief in first remarks to Parliament

British Prime Minister Liz Truss comes into office with inflation at a 40-year high. On Wednesday, she faced questions from lawmakers about how she plans to respond.

Truss said she knows people are struggling with the cost of living, as inflation climbs over 10 percent and energy prices soar. Some workers argue they are not getting paid enough to keep up.

Truss said she plans to lower taxes for consumers. However, she refused to raise taxes on energy companies for their windfall gains.

The leader of the main opposition Labour Party, Keir Starmer, criticized her for leaving those "vast, excess profits on the table" and forcing working people to "foot the bill for decades to come."

Truss responded that she wants to keep corporate taxes low to encourage investment, which can help create jobs. She said the British people want a government that will address the energy crisis and that she is determined to "sort it out."