Canadian media: Second stabbing rampage suspect dead

Canadian media reports say the final suspect in a mass stabbing rampage is dead. The reports say the man died of self-inflicted injuries after police located him and drove his vehicle off the road. The stabbing spree on Sunday killed 10 people and rattled the country.

Police found Myles Sanderson on Wednesday in the central province of Saskatchewan. He was about 100 kilometers from the site of the stabbings. Media reports said officers rammed the vehicle he was driving, and he surrendered.

The mass stabbing killed 10 people and injured 18 others. It happened in an indigenous community and a nearby town.

Two brothers were originally named as suspects. One was found dead on Monday. Police said Damien Sanderson had fatal injuries that did not appear to be self-inflicted.

Media reports say Myles Sanderson had a violent past. He had been serving a sentence of over 4 years on charges that included assault and robbery. A parole board released him in February.