LDP to disclose its lawmakers' relationships with former Unification Church

Japan's main ruling Liberal Democratic Party says it will soon disclose the results of an in-house survey of its lawmakers' individual relationships with the religious group formerly known as the Unification Church.

The LDP called on all 379 of its Diet members to hand in written reports on their links to the group. It says its Secretary-General Motegi Toshimitsu plans to release the results at a news conference as early as Thursday afternoon.

The party plans to disclose the total number of its lawmakers who had contacts with the group, including sending congratulatory telegrams to its meetings and having their secretaries attend such meetings on their behalf.

It says it plans to name those who admitted to more substantial relationships with the group. Those include delivering speeches at its meetings and receiving voluntary or systematic support from the group or its members during their election campaigns.

The LDP has already decided to sever all ties with the group and its affiliates. It plans to notify its lawmakers of the survey results, and follow through on its new stance.