US, French lawmakers separately visit Taiwan

A bipartisan group of US congressional lawmakers arrived in Taiwan late Wednesday.

The visit coincides with a trip by a French delegation that landed in Taiwan the same day.

The US group, comprising eight lawmakers, is led by Representative Stephanie Murphy, a Democrat.

Taiwan's foreign ministry says they will meet with President Tsai Ing-wen and others before their departure on Friday. They'll discuss issues including US-Taiwan relations, the regional security environment, the economy and trade.

The Congressional delegation will be the fourth from the US in more than a month, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit in August.
The five-member delegation from France, led by Senator Cyril Pellevat, is to meet Vice President William Lai on Thursday.

In an apparent reaction to Pelosi's visit, China stepped up pressure on Taiwan. China conducted large-scale military drills near Taiwan, including ballistic missile launches.

Despite Beijing's opposition, the US and other Western countries continue to send delegations to Taiwan.

President Tsai has welcomed them, saying Taiwan's safety is related to the interests of various nations.

She has been calling on the international community to increase its engagement with Taiwan.