Putin: Russia unaffected by Western sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin is digging in his heels over the invasion of Ukraine. He admits Western sanctions are having a serious impact on the global economy. But he claims Moscow is coming out unscathed.

Putin said, "I am sure that we have not lost anything, nor will we. When it comes to what we've gained, I can say we're strengthening our sovereignty." He said, "Yes, things are becoming more divided around the world, as well as inside Russia. But I think this is for the best."

Putin made the remarks at an economic forum in Vladivostok, with top officials from other countries including China and Myanmar attending.

Putin told them Western sanctions are an act of "aggression." He called them an attempt to impose the West's values onto other nations and force them into submission.

Putin said, "Western countries are trying to preserve the old world order. One that is only beneficial to them."

He also blamed Western Europe for creating an energy crisis by threatening price caps over the Ukraine conflict. Putin says Russia will take its oil and gas elsewhere, naming China as a main customer.

Putin also claimed almost all of Ukraine's grain is being exported to Europe, instead of the developing countries that need them most. He says a recent deal to allow shipments to flow out of Ukraine's Black Sea ports may need to be reviewed.