Japan, S.Korea to hold working-level talks on fire-control radar issue

Japan and South Korea held senior-level defense talks for the first time in six years on Wednesday. They agreed to have working-level discussions on a 2018 incident in which a South Korean vessel aimed a fire-control radar at a Japanese patrol aircraft.

Japanese Vice Defense Minister for International Affairs Oka Masami met South Korean Vice Defense Minister Shin Beom-chul in Seoul on the sidelines of an international security conference.

The two sides said they affirmed the importance of three-way cooperation among Japan, South Korea and the United States in dealing with North Korea's nuclear and missile threats.

They also exchanged views on an incident four years ago in which the South Korean military directed fire-control radar at a Japanese Self-Defense Force aircraft.

Shin told reporters after the meeting that the two sides reached an understanding on the need to address this issue for the development of cooperation between their defense ministries.

He said they agreed to have additional working-level discussions on the matter.

Japan has invited South Korea's navy to its international fleet review in November.

Shin told Oka the South Korean government is mulling whether to accept the invitation.