Japan ruling, opposition camps to discuss state funeral for late PM Abe on Thu.

Japan's ruling and opposition camps have agreed to hold a meeting on Thursday to discuss the state funeral of late former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo.

Abe was fatally shot during an election campaign speech in July. His funeral is scheduled for September 27 in Tokyo. The government will foot the entire bill, which is estimated at about one 1.66 billion yen, or about 11.5 million dollars.

Executives of the Lower House steering committee met on Wednesday and agreed to hold the out-of-session Diet meeting on Thursday afternoon. A question-and-answer session is scheduled following briefings by Prime Minister Kishida Fumio and Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu.

The ruling and opposition sides also agreed that the meeting will last up to about 90 minutes.

Constitutional Democratic Party lawmaker Ryu Hirofumi, who is the leading opposition executive of the steering committee, told reporters that the state funeral has yet to win wide public understanding. Expressing concern that the total costs of the funeral could grow, he said he hopes to fully discuss the matter at the upcoming meeting.

A similar meeting is likely to be held at the Upper House following Thursday's meeting.