Tokyo dining boat to run on algae-based biofuel

A traditional Japanese-style dining boat that visits waterfront tourist spots in Tokyo will make a promotional run using a new algae-based biofuel. It's part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's effort to realize a carbon-neutral society.

The biofuel is made from a microalgae called euglena, as well as plant-based oil and other eco-friendly materials. It generates carbon dioxide when it's burned but is considered carbon-free because euglena absorbs CO2 as it grows.

Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko took a ride on the "yakata-bune" dining boat on Tuesday.

"This is a big deal at a time when energy demand is high," she said. "New ideas like this will help businesses grow."

This is the first time a yakata-bune will operate using a biofuel. The boat will run on the fuel for a week.