N.Korea Supreme People's Assembly set to meet on Wednesday

North Korea's top legislative body is set to convene on Wednesday. It will be the first such meeting after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's declaration of victory over the coronavirus.

Delegates to the Supreme People's Assembly are set to meet in Pyongyang. The last session held in February, budgeted spending for bolstering defense capabilities and enhancing anti-infection measures.

Discussions for the latest meeting are expected to include agricultural policies and shuffling of personnel.

Last month, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared that the country had prevailed in its fight to contain the coronavirus. The first case was announced in May.

The state-run Korean Central Television reported that a disaster-prevention meeting was held earlier this week as a large, powerful typhoon Hinnamnor was forecast to approach the Korean Peninsula.

Kim was reported to have delivered a speech at the meeting stressing that nothing is more precious for his party and the state than people's lives and safety.

North Korea watchers predict that the leadership is expected to emphasize that it is working to improve the lives of citizens. The country is suffering damage to its economy caused by the coronavirus border restrictions, long-standing economic sanctions and other factors.