US President Joe Biden rallies support from unions

US President Joe Biden is taking every opportunity he can to rally support for his Democratic Party ahead of the November midterm elections. He visited the swing states of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to address workers on Labor Day.

Union endorsements have helped Biden win past elections. He joined thousands of people at a union gathering in Milwaukee on Monday, one of the biggest such events in the country.

Biden said the middle class built America, and unions built the middle class. He spoke of the millions of new jobs that have been created since he took office, boasting that it is the "most in any presidency in history." He said American workers will build the future, in American factories using American-made products.

Biden criticized those he called "extreme Republicans" for dividing the nation with "violence and hate." However, he said that does not apply to every Republican and that both sides must choose to work together.

Republicans blame Biden's policies for "hurting workers." They say paychecks are not "keeping up with inflation." They say excessive government spending has caused inflation to spin out of control.