Japan's household spending up for 2nd month

Spending by Japan's households rose in July for the second straight month. The lifting of coronavirus restrictions prompted more people to go out.

An internal affairs ministry survey shows households of two or more people spent 3.4 percent more in July than a year earlier when adjusted for inflation. The average was 285,313 yen or about 2,000 dollars.

Spending on culture and recreation jumped 11.2 percent, as people spent more on outdoor activities and accommodation.

Transportation and communication rose by 7 percent, with higher expenditures on train and air fares.

But furniture and household equipment fell by 5.6 percent. The trend was a turnaround from a year earlier, when stay-home demand for air conditioners and kitchen appliances was robust.

Food, a category that includes groceries and take-out meals, dropped by 1.3 percent as people spent more on eating out and less on cooking.