Typhoon Hinnamnor slamming S.Korea, Japan

A large, powerful typhoon is heading north over the Sea of Japan.

Japanese weather officials say that as of noon on Tuesday, Typhoon Hinnamnor was moving northeast over waters off Shimane Prefecture at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

The typhoon has a central atmospheric pressure of 965 hectopascals. Winds of more than 126 kilometers per hour are blowing near its center. Peak gusts are reaching 180 kilometers per hour.

Hinnamnor made landfall early Tuesday morning in southeastern South Korea. The government's disaster management team has reported rainfall of over 100 millimeters in just one hour. It says one person has died and two are missing.

Hinnamnor is also impacting Japan's southwestern region. Up to 150 millimeters of rain is expected in the Shikoku and Kinki regions by noon on Wednesday. About 120 millimeters is forecasted for Tokai.

Weather officials are urging people to be on the alert for violent winds, high waves, landslides, floods in low-lying areas, swollen rivers, lightning and tornadoes.