Germany to keep reactors on standby to cope with power crunch

Germany is planning to keep two of its three remaining nuclear reactors on standby to deal with a possible energy shortage following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The facilities are slated to be phased out by year-end. But now the two reactors will be prepared to serve as back-up generators until mid-April.

Germany's Economy Minister, Robert Habeck, said on Monday the measure is temporary and aimed at surviving the upcoming winter.

He said, "We should keep this option. After the end of the regular operating life of the nuclear power plants, the two southern German nuclear power plants will be transferred to a reserve, so that they can be used again or can continue to be used if the situation dictates. "

Habeck added that nuclear-power generation is a high-risk technology and must end.

He indicated that Germany is still on track to be nuclear-energy free. He explained that the three reactors are slated to be separated from the power grid at the end of this year.

But concerns about stable energy supply following Russia's invasion prompted the German government to conduct a so-called "stress test" from July.

The goal was to determine if shutting down the remaining reactors as planned would cause problems. The results reportedly indicated the possibility of a power crunch this winter.