Ukrainians teach how to make a traditional doll

Ukrainian evacuees in Tokai City, central Japan, have taught how to make a traditional guardian doll from their home country to residents of their host city.

The Tokai City International Association hosted an event on Sunday to give residents a chance to learn about Ukrainian culture.

Making the Motanka doll, believed to protect the family from evil and bring in happiness, was the main part of the event.

The evacuees, who served as instructors, used English and gestures to explain the process of making the doll from woolen yarns.

A corner to introduce Ukrainian culture was also set up at the site. Pictures of sunflowers, a symbol of Ukraine, and traditional dish borscht were shown with explanations.

Samara Vladislava, who lives in Tokai City, supports Ukrainian evacuees. She said that she hopes making the doll will help residents of the city take interest in her home country.