Trains for Indonesia's 1st high-speed rail link arrive

Trains for Indonesia's first high-speed railway have finally started arriving in the country.

It's a milestone in a long-delayed project funded by China.

The carriages arrived from China on Thursday at a port in the capital, Jakarta.

More are set to be delivered through early next year.

The project will connect Jakarta with the city of Bandung, 140 kilometers away.

China won the bid for the rail link in 2015 after a heated competition with Japan.

The Indonesian government pointed out at the time the Chinese plan did not require money from Jakarta.

Construction started in 2016, and operations were meant to start within three years.

But the launch of services has been pushed back due to poor planning and a dispute over funding.

The joint venture overseeing the project now says it's aiming to start operations next June.

Competition over infrastructure projects in Indonesia has been fierce in recent years.

Jakarta opened its first subway in 2019 with support from Japan.

South Korea has also entered the metro business in Indonesia.