Moscow-sponsored international economic forum begins

Russia's president is taking part in an international economic forum in the country's Far East.
Vladimir Putin says the event will focus on moving away from what he calls an "obsolete unipolar model."
Top officials from China's Communist Party, and the military junta in Myanmar, will also attend.

The Moscow-sponsored forum kicked off Monday.
There are delegates from about 60 countries.
Russian officials are expected to use the gathering to boost economic ties amid tough Western sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian Presidential Office says Li Zhanshu will attend the plenary session on Wednesday.
He's the chairman of China's National People's Congress Standing Committee.
He would become the most senior Chinese official to visit Russia since the start of the invasion.
Analysts say it's meant to underscore Beijing's ties to Russia at a time of heightened tensions with the United States.

Putin's office also confirmed that Myanmar's military chief, Min Aung Hlaing, will also be there.
The event wraps up on Thursday.