City hopes melons will bring sweet success

A city near Tokyo has developed its own type of melon that it hopes will bring name recognition to the community. Local shops in Koshigaya are now offering a variety of sweet treats based on the fruit.

There are shortcakes, parfaits and melon-flavored chiffon cakes to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Agricultural researchers in the community began experimenting with hydroponics four years ago. They came up with what is known as Koshigaya Sky Melon.

A Koshigaya City official said a heatwave in June affected the crop yield but that the sugar content is still high.

The official, Takahashi Akira, says that the city hopes the melons will be enjoyed everywhere and will be recognized as a new brand of Koshigaya.

There's one catch. Because the yield was small, the melon-based sweets are only available until Sunday.