One year since Taliban regained power in Afghanistan

The Taliban reclaimed control of Afghanistan one year ago. The country is facing many challenges, including terrorist attacks and serious food shortages.

The United States completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan on August 30 last year. Taliban leaders celebrated the first anniversary on Wednesday of the start of a new chapter in the nation's history.

Taliban's acting prime minister Mullah Hasan Akhund said, "The country saw an end to massacres and oppression, although security has yet to be fully guaranteed."

This footage was filmed shortly after an explosion at a mosque in western Afghanistan on Friday. Local authorities suspect it could have been a suicide bombing targeting a religious leader.

Concern is growing that Afghanistan may become a hotbed of terrorism again, as some point to the Taliban's ties to the international terrorist group Al-Qaeda.

Many Afghans have decided to leave the country out of fear of the Taliban. Roughly 94,000 have gone to the United States.

Farzana Jamalzada moved to New York to begin a new life. She wants to show her gratitude for all the help she has received. Jamalzada works as a volunteer translator for women who have fled Afghanistan.

Jamalzada said, "I think I better know what they are going to and what their problems are, so I would be very happy to help them."

But Russia's invasion of Ukraine has diverted international attention away from Afghanistan.

Jamalzada said, "Now we hear nothing about Afghanistan. People are still suffering. We want, I mean, the world to focus about Afghanistan to help them."