Food price hikes to peak in October

A new survey suggests shoppers in Japan will continue to feel the pinch with thousands more everyday food items set to get more expensive.

Private research firm Teikoku Databank conducted the survey of about 100 Japanese food and beverage makers in late August. Nearly 80 percent said they had already raised, or plan to raise, prices this year to pass on higher production costs.
The weaker yen is also pushing up the cost of imported goods.

So far this year, the prices of more than 10,000 items have already gone up through August.

Companies plan to raise the cost of about 2,400 items in September. That number will peak in October at 6,500.
In total, the hikes affect more than 20,000 items.
Processed goods such as canned food, ham and sausages top the list of categories that will see increases, with 8,530 items.

Seasoning products, with 4,651 items, and beverages, with 3,814 items, follow.

Teikoku Databank says although price increases will peak in October, the trend is likely to continue while electricity bills and raw material prices remain high.