Typhoon Hinnamnor to approach Okinawa's main island

A powerful typhoon that is bringing violent winds to parts of Okinawa, southwestern Japan, is expected to approach the prefecture's main island later this week.

The Japan Meteorological Agency says Typhoon Hinnamnor was advancing west-southwest over the seas off the island of Minami Daitojima in Okinawa Prefecture at 25 kilometers per hour as of 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

The storm has wind speeds as high as 198 kilometers per hour near its center, with gusts of up to 270 kilometers per hour.

Very strong winds hit the Daitojima region early on Wednesday. Gusts of up to 174 kilometers per hour were observed at a local airport.

The typhoon is expected to develop further, and winds are forecast to intensity on Okinawa's main island and the Sakishima Islands through Thursday.

The seas in the Daitojima region are extremely rough. Weather officials forecast rough seas also around Okinawa's main island and the Amami region on Wednesday afternoon and on the Sakishima Islands on Thursday.

The typhoon is likely to become stationary over the seas south of Okinawa on Friday and then move north to come closer again to the prefecture.

Officials are warning of violent winds and high waves, while advising residents to stay alert for evacuation information issued by local municipalities.

Meanwhile, atmospheric conditions around Japan's main island of Honshu are unstable, as warm, moist air is flowing in from the south. Rain clouds are developing over some parts of the Tokai, Hokuriku and Tohoku regions.

Rainfall during the 24-hour-period through Thursday morning is expected to reach up to 150 millimeters in Hokkaido, 120 millimeters in Tohoku, 100 millimeters in Tokai, and 80 millimeters in the Kansai region.

Officials are warning of mudslides, flooding of low-lying areas and swelling rivers.