Opposition parties demand security cost details for Abe state funeral

Opposition parties in Japan say the government should disclose security costs for the state funeral of former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo.

The government decided last week to spend about 250 million yen, or about 1.8 million dollars, for the state funeral for Abe planned for September 27 in Tokyo.

The amount includes costs to prepare the venue and fees for buses, but does not cover personnel expenses for police officers in charge of security.

Opposition parties, including the Constitutional Democratic Party and the Japanese Communist Party, were briefed by government officials in charge of the funeral on Monday.

Some opposition lawmakers said that when security and other spending is included, the funeral may cost several billion yen, or tens of millions of dollars. They said the government should disclose the total costs, including expenditure for security around the venue and spending to dispatch officers from across the country.

A National Police Agency official said the agency cannot so far show the total security cost, because it has yet to be determined who will be guarded or how many officers will be mobilized.

A Foreign Ministry official said it does not expect the government to cover travel and accommodation costs for foreign dignitaries.