China imposes sanctions on Pelosi

Chinese leaders vowed a swift and severe response to the US House Speaker's visit to Taiwan. And they are keeping their word. They imposed sanctions on Nancy Pelosi and are pulling out of agreements designed to ease military tensions.

The Chinese foreign ministry released a statement on Friday calling this week's visit an "egregious provocation." It announced sanctions on Pelosi and her immediate family, although it gave no details about the nature of the restrictions.

The statement lists eight additional measures. They include suspending cooperation on a wide range of programs, from military coordination to the fight against climate change.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, "We wish to issue a warning to the United States: Do not act rashly. Do not create an even greater crisis."

But US officials said they bear no responsibility for the rise in tensions.

On Friday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, "China's action right now is fundamentally irresponsible. There is no need and there's no reason for this escalation."

She added that the US does not seek a crisis and will continue the efforts to keep open lines of communication with Beijing.