Japanese artist exhibits works inspired by horrors of nuclear weapons

An exhibition of artworks depicting the horrors of nuclear weapons has opened at a museum near Tokyo.

Gaku Tsutaja is a New York-based Japanese artist. She has focused on the issue of nuclear weapons since around 2017. Her exhibition opened at the Maruki Gallery for the Hiroshima Panels in Saitama Prefecture on Saturday.

One of her works is a short film that depicts the horrors of war. Tsutaja projected the film onto the walls of two buildings, so that visitors would be able to have a three-dimensional view of what happened during World War II.

Illustrations that show the history of nuclear weapons are also on display. They were made with pencils and ink.
Some of the works depict Hiroshima right after the atomic bomb was dropped. Tsutaja drew pictures of atomic bomb survivors, known as hibakusha, wandering around the devastated city.

Tsutaja said she wants people, who are not interested in the issue of nuclear weapons, to come and see her work.

The exhibition runs through October 2.