Ukrainian press related members visit Hiroshima, report on Ukraine situation

Members of a Ukrainian journalist organization and a group supporting journalists have called on people in Japan to stay interested in the war in Ukraine.

Serhii Shevchenko of the NSJU journalist organization and Liudmyla Mekh from the support group visited the Japanese city of Hiroshima on Thursday.

The two reported on how journalists have been working in Ukraine since Russia's invasion of the country.

They said that one reporter dies every three days, and local newspaper companies are facing financial difficulties due to a lack of advertising revenues.

They stressed that local journalists have been working hard, risking their lives to show the world the truth and hoping to stop Russia's aggression as soon as possible.

The two urged people in Japan not to forget those who are struggling hard to survive the war and to maintain their compassion in the wretched situation there.

They plan to hold debriefing sessions in the southwestern Japanese prefectures of Nagasaki and Kumamoto next week.