US Senate passes landmark gun control bill

The US senate has passed a modest but landmark package of gun safety measures. The bill passed by a vote of 65 to 33.
The bipartisan bill will now go to Democratic-Party controlled House of Representatives for approval.

The package would tighten background checks for gun buyers under 21, and make it easier for local authorities to take away firearms from people deemed dangerous.
But it would not ban the sale of assault rifles.

It's the most significant gun control legislation to pass in almost 3 decades.

President Joe Biden called it "the action families in Texas and Buffalo demanded."
Both are sites of recent mass shootings.
In Texas, an 18-year-old turned a semiautomatic rifle on an elementary school, killing 19 students and two teachers.

The tense political divide on the issue was underscored by a US Supreme Court decision on the same day.
Justices ruled the Constitution protects the right to carry handguns in public, overturning a New York law that put limits on concealed weapons.